California is home to millions of residents who enjoy the state's beautiful scenery and warm climate. But most people do not realize that these qualities also create the MOST SEVERE WILDFIRE CONDITIONS IN THE WORLD!


 Each year, thousands of acres of California wildland and hundreds of homes are destroyed during a fire season that lasts from May to October - and in some areas all year long.


 If you live in the foothills, grasslands, or mountains of California, YOU ARE AT RISK!


 Making the fire hazard even worse is the growing population in new communities that were once wildland areas surrounding California's major cities. This rapid growth places even greater strain on the state's firefighting forces, who can't place a fire engine at every home.


 Fire protection is everyone's responsibility.


 To protect your family and your possessions, you must follow certain steps -- both inside and outside your home -- to make your property  "Fire Safe."


 The most important fire safety steps are outlined in this brochure. By following them, you will give your home a chance to survive a wildfire.