Smoke detectors

have saved many lives by alerting residents to fires inside the home.should be positioned on the wall or ceiling just outside each bedroom. In a multi-level home, install a detector on every floor. Sleep with your bedroom door closed, but make sure you can clearly hear the detector in the hall. If there is any doubt, or if you smoke, place an additional detector inside your bedroom. Be sure to test your smoke detectors monthly and replace batteries twice a year, perhaps when clocks are changed in the spring and fall.


    Fire extinguishers

    save lives and property by putting out or containing small fires until the fire department arrives. It is most important to place fire extinguishers in your kitchen and garage.

    •  Make sure that each member of your family can hold and operate your fire extinguisher and knows where they are located inside the home. Remember that fire extinguishers need to be maintained and must be recharged after every use.
    Home sprinkler system

    could be a great help fighting a fire. Home sprinkler systems are one of the most reliable and effective ways to protect your home because they provide an immediate response to extinguish a fire. They also can extinguish a fire when you are asleep or when you are away from home.